Contingent Traders

Contingent Traders Contingent Traders Contingent Traders

  Consistent. Disciplined. Contingent.   

Contingent Traders

Contingent Traders Contingent Traders Contingent Traders

  Consistent. Disciplined. Contingent.   

Intraday, swings, options, crytocurrencies, Futures/ Forex



 To be a successful trader, you must be disciplined, sticking to your rules. 95% of traders FAIL in the market due to lack of discipline. With no rules set, no education, and no patience the market will rob you before your eyes. To predict a stock going up, or down you need to have the basic knowledge of discipline and education. 90% of beginners are not patient, force trade, or sell too quickly for a loss when they don't follow supports and resistances. Most new traders expect to be a millionaire overnight. Sorry to tell you that is impossible. Following a set of rules, and being disciplined will be based on your success rate, and only enhance your bank account. Did you ever make a trade thinking that it will make you serious gains? But, to only get fooled and take loss? Join today and enhance your education in technical analysis, following a disciplined set of rules that will increase your bank account over time. Take those profits and become a Master trader today! 



 To be a Master trader you have to be consistent. Being consistent will boost your confidence, and boost your wallet just like you've always wanted! To be consistent you must first be disciplined.  Once you have consistency, you will build confidence and become a profitable trader knowing when to take profits when you have them and when to cut your losses at 2%. Join a leader, and a team who will make you who you truly are, a Contingent Trader. Forget about the lies and the false acquisitions and learn to benefit you!I will mentor, but most of all teach you the ways of a Master trader. No more making the millionaires more millions, it's about time you become the millionaire and not the opposition.   



 We're here to enhance your trading beyond your experiences. Becoming a contingent trader and using the market to your advantage. Following the contingent trader rules and discipline you will be successful. When you become a contingent trader you will see that freedom is just around the corner. Reevaluating your perspective.Not having to work a 8-12 hour shift just to make ends meet. Living paycheck to paycheck and not getting any further ahead. Our journey in life is how you pursue it, stop procrastinating and make the change you need today! For a better and more enjoying life style. Become your own boss and become the millionaire you've always wanted to become.  

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