What some members had to say


John S.

- "@Igna72 That's fantastic!!!  I have to admit, I joined a few other chat rooms but I'm ALL about personality and "good karma".  Nothing compares to this place.  The guys here are THE BEST.  You  gave me a warning for "off hand conversation".  Another said that I was too positive!  Life is about surrounding yourself with good people.  That's how we all win.  If I lose some cash but a tip I gave makes the rest some cash, that's a win for me.  We, as a family, are so fortunate...this is the ONLY place that supports it's members.  Because of that, eventually you will see it explode.  We owe @RobJBF😎 more than what we pay...We owe him a good conversation, camaraderie, and to take care of our own.  I'm having a blast. "

- "Best week ever...if I just followed the guys here and didn't branch out on my own, I would be up maybe 200K.  LISTEN TO @RobJBF😎 @Suga T and the rest!!!  This place is epic..."

Bruce B.

- "Haha, this was my first options trade. Had absolutely no clue what I was doing. Held it overnight because I couldn’t sell lol. Worked in my advantage. @RobJBF😎 put this, in all its glory, on the option page. I just caught it right. Just wish I would’ve bought a few more contracts lol" 

Greg M.

- "As of today, my account is officially in the green overall. That big dip was losses from another room I belonged to. 2 weeks in this room have turned me green on a very small account. Thank you @BruceBanner  for bringing me over and of course @RobJBF😎 for everything! Looking forward to whats to come. And @nano7, from your comment above, hang in here and keep making small gains, they add up!!" 

Adam A.

- "Started at $1,826 now at $10,217 within the last 4 months being in school quite happy so far. Just following Robs plays"

- "Cannot be thankful enough to @RobJBF to be teaching us all what he knows. As an 18 year old in school with no money kudos to you big Rob in not only taking the time to teach us the market, but growing us all consistently. Been in Blackbox stocks, Mr_Investor, EvolutionTrading, BullTradeFinder and none of them can even compare. Much thanks Rob for this journey" 

- " @RobJBF😎  Most honest trader I've ever encountered. So humble, and soo knowledgeable. You're only going to grow man. You lost as much as i have in total "

Vicky T.

 - "Second day here this week trading made 849 positive.  Thanks @RobJBF😎" 

Kevin P.

- "@RobJBF😎 @Jinder 'muffin jesus' Surprise thank you, you fine gentlemen. Lots more to obtain from you guys!"