Who is RobJBF?


 Born and raised in Canada, raised in a small bungalow in Toronto with my mom, dad, and sister. Didn’t have much money but definitely worked as hard as I could. After high school I went to study electrical engineering and control systems using my OSAP to get me through taking the bus 2 hours one way Mon-Fri. While being in school I did get signed on as an apprentice as a 309A Electrician from my dad who is a Master Electrician. Starting trading when I was 15 years old on and off but didn’t take it seriously until my second year. Really started to get into swing trades and on my spare time while in school I was learning TA and FA, trying to find every resource I could to learn off of.  One thing my dad always told me was “Make your work show”. Got into the largest Electrical Union in the world and worked hard to get in didn’t know anyone just had the right marks and luck. Starting taking trading seriously when I was 21 and really started to enjoy it. Starting from just under $6,000 I made a few good trades to get me just past $20k. After that was a lot easier managed to turn that into just over 100K in 3-4 months. By the time I was 23 I bought my first house also made my first million. With the right mind set and motivation/ dedication your limits are inevitable. I never thought looking back 5 years and seeing what I’ve done for myself. No partying or fooling around just strictly work. I can now say I’m financially stable, own a few properties, and help out everyone who’s willing to learn! Hard work speaks for itself, and with the right moves at the right time your limitations are endless. Always be humble, never get greedy, and always stride for more! 

Our goal for our members

 Rob wants to provide the best quality training and mentor ship with his 11 + years experience for new and experienced traders creating a better life and financial freedom for all who're dedicated to follow him. 

How do we operate?

 Through "Discord" he posts entries and exits all throughout the day as well as on voice. So if you're still a sheep or a lion his win ratio speaks for itself. Something no one offers is the consistency he has.  

From the $10,000's in education and videos he posts on Discord the money from subscriptions goes to benefiting the chat more and more as we get bigger.